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Order Cancelation, Returns, Change Policy

We strive to produce quality goods at the most affordable price. However, if we cannot meet your expectations or if our product is not satisfied with you, you can request a return or exchange. We pay attention to returns, refunds and evaluate them carefully. 

Before your return or exchange request, please read the following information carefully;

A - How can I process the refund?
  1. According to the Consumer Law, the "Right of Withdrawal" is 14 days from the delivery of the product. During this period, you can request a refund, provided that you meet the return conditions stated below.
    • In order for the sold product to be returned as a return, the  return form (the back of the invoice can be used) must first be filled. With your user account (from here) by  logging in My Order History You can request a return for the relevant product by clicking the  link and then the icon next to the product in the order detailsThis process must be repeated for each product to be returned. Product returns 
    • If the return form is approved, the return process is initiated and a refund is made based on the control and approval when the returned product (s) sent in accordance with the specified instructions are received.
  2. From the order and / or photographs and details of the features mentioned in the product (color, size, volume, property etc.) Sent to different or  faulty / defective product changes in shipping costs are borne by the company 1 . 
    • 1 Refund and exchange only for contracted cargo company (please ask), with free shipping you can. You can send with other cargo companies by paying the fee.
  3. If you have problems with the assembly or installation of products, or if you think there are missing parts, you can call customer service, use live chat or request support by e-mail. So we can assist you directly or refer the company to help;
  4. The products you want to return must be in their original packaging, complete with all the contents, not physically damaged and unused.
  5. The invoice (all copies) must be sent together with the product you want to return.
    • Refunds are not made for products / products that are not sent with their invoices.
  6. In cases where the original packaging of the product is damaged, it is required that the product can be put up for sale again.
  7. You must return the product as you received it.
    • Returns of products that are affixed with a label (shipping, etc.) on the original box and taped with parcel tape ( written, with logo)  and sent with packaging and / or boxes other than the original product packaging are not accepted.
  8. Returns of products that are custom made, cut or dyed, products that cannot be returned due to their nature, and disposable products are not accepted.
  9. In the return of the products invoiced on behalf of the company, a return invoice is required as required by the legal obligation.
  10. The free shipping, discounted shipping and / or coupon price (s) applied to your order are calculated and deducted from the refund amount if the total amount of the returned product (s) falls below the total amount of the order specified in the campaign.

B - How can I cancel?

  1. If your order is not in "Shipped" status, you can send your cancellation request. by sending an e-mail to or 0850 302 5 502 You can forward by calling the number. You can check the status of your order in the "My Account" section on the main page.
  2. In order to provide you with a better service, we ask you to indicate the reason for cancellation in your request.

C - Returning defective products

  1. Your orders are definitely checked before they are delivered to the cargo company. However, if there are any defects in the products, you can make your return within 30 (thirty) days from the delivery date.
  2. When the damaged products arrive at your side, you must surely deliver the damaged products to the cargo officer with "Damage Assessment Report".
  3. When the product reaches our company, it is sent to the manufacturer / distributor company. As a result of the quality control test by the manufacturer / distributor company, if a defect is not determined due to use, the product price is paid to you, it can be defined as a credit / coupon in your account or replaced with another product depending on your request.
  4. In case the defect is caused by customer / user error, repairs are made with the repair price determined by the manufacturer / distributor company or a new product can be sent by taking the difference fee.

D - What should I do if the products are damaged and / or missing from their packaging?

  1. You must open the package you received from the cargo company next to the cargo officer. When you detect any deficiency or defect, be sure to deliver the damaged products to the cargo officer with a "Damage Assessment Report." With this report, our customer service will resolve your problem as soon as possible.

E - Invoice has been issued on behalf of the company, what should I do?

  1. If the invoice of your order is issued on behalf of the company, a return invoice is required for your return and change requests. A return invoice must be issued for all or part of the order. Exchange and return transactions cannot be made without a return invoice.

F - What are the products that cannot be returned?

  1. Returns of products that are damaged in their original box / packaging, lost their resalability qualities and cannot be purchased by another customer are not accepted.
  2. Stickers, stone wall decorations and mirrors are specially produced for you with your order. Therefore, it is not possible to return these and similar products.
  3. Wallpapers; Refunds are not possible since the wallpapers cannot be resubmitted and sold after they are unpacked.
  4. Installed furniture; when furniture and wooden units are disassembled after installation, packaging, etc. damage may occur. For this reason, the return of furniture that has been unpacked and installed is not accepted.

G -  Return of how and when payments are made?

  1. The product (s) you send for return are examined by the technical service or the manufacturer / distributor company for compliance with the returned product conditions and  can be sent to the manufacturer / distributor for testing if necessary  After your return request is approved, the refund amount * is sent to your bank account, credit card or other payment institution you used, depending on the method of purchase. The refund period is 10 working days after the returned product (s) reach our company and are checked and approved.
    • * The refund amount covers the total of the returned product charges. Since the "Credit Card at the Door"  and  "Cash on Delivery"  service fee belongs to the courier company, this and similar service fees are not included in the refund payments.
    • Cargo transportation fee refund is made according to the compliance with the return conditions (A-2) explained in detail above.