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You can choose from one of our beautiful pillow and sofa shawl models to create a vibrant and attractive living space in the lounge and living room textile category. Our products consisting of different materials have been carefully designed to meet every taste. You can make combinations of products you like from pillow, runner, tablecloth, sofa shawl models or you can take a look at the sets we prepared for you.



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  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: BC HOME
  • Model: PMSP43112
  • Dimensions: 43.00cm x 43.00cm x 43.00cm

Decor Throw Pillows & Cushions

Quality and affordable decorative pillows and cushions

You are at the right place to create innovation and dynamism with high quality and trendy throw pillows and cushions in your places. While choosing, you can choose the suitable one among the sets of pillows & cushions, sequin pillows, plush & faux fur pillows, gobelin pillows  in accordance with your theme and belongings.

What should be paid attention to pillow selection?

Pillows & cushions are the indispensable decor product of homes, hotels and all living spaces. For this reason, it is important to be in harmony with the other goods and decor products in your room. Color and pattern will be the first element you have to decide when making a choice. Particular attention should be paid to the dimensions. It is an important detail to pay attention to the washing instructions for ease of use and duration of the product.

How to care pillows & cushions?

You can carry out washing, wiping and dry cleaning according to the washing instructions. For long-term use, refer to the product packaging / label instructions.

You may need to perform separate washing and maintenance procedures for the inner filling.

Does faux fur pillow & cushions shedding?

Faux fur pillows and cushions can be shedding. Even the best quality faux fur products can be plumed, but as the quality increases the shedding rate is low. The length of the hair and the frequency of use are the most important factors in shedding. Short-haired faux fur products have no shedding. In addition, the shedding will be reduced after the first wash.

Can I get design and combine support?

Of course, you can get help quickly by calling us using Live Chat or by calling us at 0850 302 5 502 for questions that you think you might have difficulty making a decision.